Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Speak Texan

Today I got the chance to hang out with my good friend Cindy. We went to see the movie Bride Wars and it was so funny. It was nice to have a little girl time and then she dropped me off at Big Guy's offfice and it was back to Boy World.
After we all got home we went for a ride around our "ranch" to look for "The Pig". Corbin and his friend Garrett have told us they have seen a BIG pig two times so we went looking. We didn't see anything except a skunk! Anyway, while we were driving Corbin was telling a story of an incident between him and Big Guy. When he finished he said that's not really what we said, I speak Texan! I thought that was so funny. And he was very serious. Out of the mouth of babes! Aren't they fun!