Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And He's Off!!

I've waited almost two weeks to write about this because it was a day full of emotions. So, I'll try to start from the beginning. It was a lovely Sunday morning sitting in church with Corbin and Jimmy was up at the pulpit getting ready to make announcements. When out of no where my Cannon Ball runs down the aisle!!! I was in complete shock. I stepped out and started walking very fast toward him. He had stopped and turned and when he saw me he made the cutest smile like we were playing a game and he was off again. This time up on the stage!!! I wanted to get under a pew so bad and yet no one would move to let me in! I stopped in the first row by the Pastor and for about 3 seconds looked at Cannon thinking he would come down but at the same time saying in my head "You've got to get him"!!! But the next thought was he is going to run and guess what he did. As soon as I started toward him he ran to the choir loft and then down the front row! But, I am smarter than a Three year old and went to the middle and cut him off!! I picked him up like a sack of potatoes and headed to the door as fast as I could. I do not remember what anyone was saying or who I walked past. It is a complete blur! From now on I will be on guard whenever that door opens. Those ushers better watch out I might take one of them down! I don't think I'll ever be able to relax in church again!