Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He GOT Me!!

Well, he did it. The Big Guy got me! My Shane had a surprise party for me last night and I WAS actually surprised. I thought he would never be able to pull one off and he did. (I'm gonna have to keep a closer eye one him!) He called it the 20th anniversary of my 16th Birthday! If you know Shane that sounds just like him! Some people don't get him but I think he is so funny!

He and some "friends" have apparently been working on this for a little while. It was so nice and so "girly pretty"! And I love that! There were new friends and long time friends and family there. I was so happy! Shane had a few people stand up and tell a little story about me or a memory and they blessed my heart. I had to sit in a chair in front of everyone and if you know me that is not what I like at all! Center of attention ...go away!

My God has blessed me with so many loving and faithful family and friends! I grew up in a Christian home with my parents and 2 sisters. We were taught about Jesus from the get go! My Mom says,"You were born on Monday and in the church nursery on Sunday!" See, so I have no other choice! I have really had the best life. Easy...not always. But, God has seen me through losing my two sisters, parents moving away (and back thank goodness!), getting married and moving to a new town where I knew NO one, and having 3 boys to raise!! My prayer is that I will be able to point Corbin, Carson and Cannon to Jesus to love with all their hearts, soul and mind!

My God is so good!
Thanks Shane for the party! You got me!