Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Brother Corbin

Corbin is 10 years old and this past year has really stepped into the Big Brother role.  He makes me so proud.  Here are a few things I have taken note of the last few months.

*You are a very good swimmer.
*Helped Cannon to learn to swim  last summer.
*Holds Cannon when he starts to fall behind.
*Concerned about your brothers feelings.
*Likes to hunt and shoot guns.
*Likes the Texas Longhorns.
*Wants to be involved in all sports.
*Questions everything.  In a good way.
*Likes to talk politics, and that makes your Dad very happy.
*You will always be the first to bring Jesus into a conversation.  You have no doubt who Jesus is and what he does for us.

Corbin I love you sweet boy!!

Carrying your brother through the mall.
At your first Texas Rangers Game!

Christmas in Granbury!
Playing Chess at the Austin Children's Muesem.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The boys are out of school today for a snow day and I am so happy that Shane stayed home with us. He makes it so much fun. Th guys were out early getting the 4-wheeler and sled ready for the day. I was sure to say thank you to God for sending the snow. I have been praying for snow for a while now. He always answers. I love the beauty of the snow and the time I get to spend with all my guys!

The boys having a snow ball fight. Corbin is a Star Wars guy!

Shane helping Cannon paint his car.