Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Brother Corbin

Corbin is 10 years old and this past year has really stepped into the Big Brother role.  He makes me so proud.  Here are a few things I have taken note of the last few months.

*You are a very good swimmer.
*Helped Cannon to learn to swim  last summer.
*Holds Cannon when he starts to fall behind.
*Concerned about your brothers feelings.
*Likes to hunt and shoot guns.
*Likes the Texas Longhorns.
*Wants to be involved in all sports.
*Questions everything.  In a good way.
*Likes to talk politics, and that makes your Dad very happy.
*You will always be the first to bring Jesus into a conversation.  You have no doubt who Jesus is and what he does for us.

Corbin I love you sweet boy!!

Carrying your brother through the mall.
At your first Texas Rangers Game!

Christmas in Granbury!
Playing Chess at the Austin Children's Muesem.

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Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

LOVE that sweet boy!

And the new design is AWESOME!! Good job!